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How it Works

An inspiring idea through a tried and tested model

Super Kitchen works through an inspiring idea combined with a tried and tested model; eating together at a mealtime, from one menu, like a family to maximise social benefit, using surplus food to provide environmentally-friendly and affordable, freshly-made meals.

We have a really flexible model of membership and encourage all sorts of different groups to have a go at setting up and running social eating spaces. We offer a package that provides the support to set up the space and the day-to-day information groups need, the model to use, the connection to the food, and the confidence in joining a network that puts food safety at the top of the agenda.

Underpinning this flexibility is a set of rules, works and regulations that makes sure all food is kept safe and that all members are compliant with current food regulations. Super Kitchens must also operate for charitable not commercial purposes and they must agree to uphold our social eating ethos which is about being resourceful with food, cooking with love and welcoming people to join the social eating movement.

Our Values

We promote #socialeating as a positive response to food waste, food poverty and social isolation. In our social eating spaces, everyone is welcome. There is plenty for everyone.

We use surplus food wherever possible; modelling and promoting food resourcefulness, safely and responsibly by following food compliancy procedures and legislation.

Our members are ambassadors for Super Kitchen and attend monthly meetings to share best practice and learn from each other and we promote and celebrate the work of our network of members.

We strive to be sustainable and generate as much of our own income as we can.

We act as a network of members and support each other as part of our shared mission to promote social eating.

NCASS, Certified Social Enterprise, East Midlands Chamber, Fareshare, Key Fund and Lottery Funded. For Enquiries contact Super Kitchen