Eudaimonia/Super Kitchen has been commissioned by Warwickshire County Council to develop Super Kitchens across Warwickshire and to engage in programmes that support teaching people to cook, healthy eating and addressing holiday hunger through an inclusive, coordinated and sustainable effort to tackle food poverty across Warwickshire.

Warwickshire County Council will contribute towards the acquisition and running of a mobile food truck which will provide:

  1.  Support for Super Kitchen development; events targeting food poverty and holiday hunger and operating as a Super Kitchen itself, in rural areas and other locations where access to cooking facilities is limited;
  2.  A training and education function, through recruiting and supporting people to learn skills such as food hygiene, cooking and hospitality industry training;
  3.  A commercial programme of selling food at public and private events, to raise money to support its food poverty work and to make the operation self-sustainable over three years;
  4.  Affordable food available to those most in need once food bank entitlement has ended.