Our work on ‘Feeding Derbyshire’ is coming to an end. For all enquiries regarding bookings, please contact Yvonne Musk at Derbyshire County Council on yvonne.musk@derbyshire.gov.uk

Eudaimonia is one of a number of delivery partners in the Feeding Derbyshire programme, an inclusive, coordinated and sustainable effort to tackle food poverty across Derbyshire.

Through this programme Eudaimonia will establish at least eight new Super Kitchens across Derbyshire each year for three years. Some of these will be established in priority neighbourhoods identified by the Thriving Communities project.

Derbyshire County Council will contribute towards the acquisition and running of a mobile food truck which will provide: 

  1. 1) Support for Super Kitchen development and launches and operating as a Super Kitchen itself, in rural areas and other locations where access to cooking facilities is limited; 
  2. 2) A training and education function, through recruiting and supporting people to learn skills such as food hygiene, cooking and customer service; 
  3. 3) A commercial programme of selling take food at public and private  events, to raise money to support its food poverty work and make the operation self-sustainable over three years.

Eudaimonia will also undertake a feasibility study into making affordable food available in rural areas and to communities significantly impacted by poverty. It will seek to test various models on a small scale to gather vital information on the potential for these to be scaled-up and self-sustainable.

One of our Super Kitchen Food Trucks is a community resource provided to meet the aims of the Feeding Derbyshire Programme in reducing Food Poverty across Derbyshire.

It is supported by the FareShare Food Hub which supplies surplus food to support the work of the truck.

The Food Truck is tasked with becoming self-sufficient over three years so it can continue to deliver support whilst no longer requiring local authority funding. It therefore operates three days a week doing social based work and two days a week doing commercial based activities that contribute towards its upkeep and running costs.

As part of the Feeding Derbyshire Programme – Derbyshire County Council have agreed to support with finding both social and commercial work for the Food Truck.

‘Social’ activities are any events that are predominantly working with the target groups of those in, or at risk of, food poverty in Derbyshire. These could include:

Community Cook and Eat Sessions in identified areas of need including rural areas

Providing ‘one pot’ style community food to support targeted events/activities

Teaching groups about food and how to cook on a budget

Supporting the launch and development of Feeding Derbyshire partner events

All of these activities when run using only FareShare surplus food are available completely free of charge; however we will always have a donations bucket on view.

Some events are clearly a hybrid of activities that will often incur a small negotiated charge. these include;

Events where the majority of beneficiaries are not targets of the Feeding Derbyshire Programme or where the food offering is dictated, other than being surplus only, such as healthy eating events or where the price of the food being served is subsidised.

Other events are clearly commercial events such as providing food for private parties, conferences, events, fetes, fair’s etc. At these events we will offer subsidised prices for Feeding Derbyshire partners. For some of these events, the truck can attend for free if we can keep the proceeds from our sales. At larger events we can offer a percentage of sales or profit share back to organisers.

The Food Truck is 8 meters long x 3 meters wide x 3.7 meters high with an extendable awning, all round LED lights and can carry tables and seating for 45 people. It comes with both electrical hook-up and an onboard gas generator. It carries a range of fixed equipment including 2 x fridges, 1 x freezer, water boiler, espresso coffee machine and grinder, four ring gas burner and oven, salamander grill, char-grill, double fryer, holding oven, jacket potato oven, high capacity rice cooker, 2 x Bain Marie, microwave, running hot & cold and waste water storage. It also has a range of flexible accessories including Kenwood Profession Food Processor, Robot Coupe, Juicer, ice cream maker, barbecue and panini grill.

It is a fairly rugged vehicle but does require a near flat surface to operate from. To operate on the public highway an advanced permit will need to be obtained.

To make bookings easier we have created an online booking form and you can also use the diary page to see whether the truck is available and where it is currently working. Please complete the booking form with as much detail as you can and we will contact you to confirm booking, discuss needs and agree pricing.